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Six Week Checklist for a Good Move

Six weeks before move
Four weeks before move
Three weeks before move
Two weeks before move
One week before move
Moving day

Six Weeks Before Move:

  • Call for moving estimates.
  • Call the Chamber Of Commerce and Visitors & Convention Bureau in your new town and get their new resident information packages.
  • Inventory all household items to be moved, and start packing NOW!
  • Remove all items from basement, storage sheds, attics, and plan a garage sale or charity donation for all items you don't want to move.
  • Start using things up that you can't move, like cleaning supplies and frozen food.
  • Discuss tax-related moving expenses, liabilities, and deductions with your tax advisor.
  • Make a list of all people/organizations to contact about change of address.
  • Complete U.S. Postal Service change of address forms and mail them to all applicable publications, stores and organizations.
  • Get copies of (or arrange for transfer at both ends of move) all school, medical, dental, veterinary, legal, and accounting records.
  • Contact insurance agents to transfer or cancel coverage.
  • If it's a company move, check with your employer to find out what moving expenses they cover.
  • Get a mail subscription for the local paper in your new location to familiarize yourself with the new community, its activities and issues.
  • Locate and obtain all automobile licensing and registration information.

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Four Weeks Before Move:

  • Get an itemized list of all moving related costs and review with mover, including packing, loading, special charges, insurance, vehicles (if needed), etc.
  • Contact all current and new location utility companies (gas, water, electric, cable TV, phone & trash collection) to set connect/disconnect dates. Remember to keep current utilities hooked up until move day.
  • Make arrangements for relocation of pets and plants.
  • Move valuables to safe deposit box to prevent loss during move.
  • If you are packing yourself, acquire packing materials/boxes and pack items you won't need for the next month.
  • If professional mover is packing your goods, schedule packing day(s) 1 or 2 days before move.
  • Prepare any mowers, snow blowers, boats, snowmobiles (or other vehicles you won't be using before the move) for the move by servicing and draining gas and oil, to prevent a moving van fire.
  • Repair, send out for re-upholstery, or clean furniture, drapes, carpeting as needed.

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Three Weeks Before Move:

  • Make travel arrangements for family for moving trip, allow for unexpected delays and cash needs that often occur in moves and house closings.
  • Collect all important papers (insurance, will, deeds, stocks, etc.).
  • Arrange to close all local bank accounts and open new ones in new location.

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Two Weeks Before Move:

  • Prepare auto(s) for trip to new home. Check tires and have vehicles serviced.
  • Terminate newspaper and other delivery services at old address.
  • Give away all plants you don't intend to move.
  • If you're moving out of a building with elevators, arrange with management for use of elevators on move day.
  • Schedule for appliance disconnects on moving day or the day before the move, if necessary.
  • Contact your moving company counselor to review and confirm all arrangements for your move.
  • Withdraw contents of any safe deposit boxes, return library books & rental video tapes, pick up any dry cleaning, etc.
  • Prepare specific directions to your new home for your moving company, including your travel itinerary and emergency numbers.

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One Week Before Move:

  • Defrost refrigerator/freezer.
  • Plan simple meals for moving day to avoid using appliances.
  • Make plans for care of small children on moving day.
  • Transfer or withdraw all funds from local banks.
  • Separate cartons and luggage items you need for personal travel so they don't get packed on the truck.
  • Pack a box of items you will need immediately upon arrival at your new home and have movers put this box on last (clearly mark box as PACK THIS LAST or UNPACK THIS FIRST) or take it with you.
  • Have appliances disconnected and prepared for move.
  • Set aside one room for packers and movers to work in freely.
  • Arrange to have utilities turned on at new home.
  • Notify friends and neighbors of new address and phone number (if available).
  • Fill any necessary prescriptions, medications needed for the next two weeks.
  • Set aside manuals and instructions for your current home for new owner.
  • Do NOT disconnect your telephone until the day after loading.

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Moving Day:

  • Plan on spending entire day at house with movers. Don't leave until movers have gone.
  • Record all utility meter readings (gas, electric, water).
  • Stay with moving van driver to oversee inventory of goods.
  • Give moving van driver directions to new home and numbers where you can be reached prior to delivery.
  • Get routing information from moving van driver.
  • Review carefully and sign bill of lading and inventory, and keep your copy in a safe place until all charges have been paid and all claims (if any) have been settled.
  • Make final walk-through of house, including basement, attic and closets, to make sure it's empty.
  • Lock all windows and doors, and drop off keys with the agent, neighbor or new owner.

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What our clients are saying  

I couldn’t be happier - Top notch performance from start to finish! Professional friendly and extremely helpful in one of the most stressful challenges of being a home owner - I highly recommend Kyle and the entire Premier Homes Elite Realty crew!


~ J.Sarsfield

My wife and I was looking to purchase an investment property somewhere in Albany, NY. It was very challenging to find the right property for the right price. Especially since we are out of state buyer looking to purchase a rental property in the Capital Region. Kyle recommended a great Loan Officer that was very knowledgeable with all types of financing and was able to get us qualified for an mortgage. We found a great property an Albany, NY and was able to close on the deal. However, we weren't able to get there in time for closing, but Kyle was kind enough to be our POA and sign all the papers for us. Thanks to Kyle from Premier Homes, we were able to get a great cash flowing asset for a good price in Mansion District of Albany, NY.


~ X. Hu

Premier Homes is beyond amazing!!! Just a few short months ago my husband and I never thought we were never going to buy a house, we were no where close to being ready! Then we met with Kyle, Chrystal, and Alivia and they helped us every step of the way, from improving our credit, keeping our credit up and every step in the buying process!! We finally had our turn at the signing table and bought our first dream home all thanks to Alivia, Kyle, and Chrystal!! I highly recommend them! They all go well above and beyond!


~ Ed & Lisa Turner

If we could give Premier Homes Elite Realty ten stars we would! From the very beginning we knew that our experience was going to be a great one, and it absolutely was. My partner & I are new to the world of real estate investing; and have been working towards purchasing our first rental property. Kyle is not only familiar with your standard home purchase and all that goes along with that; but purchasing of investment properties as well - as he and his wife; Chrystal, have several of their own. Kyle truly held our hand every step of the way, answered all our questions; and did we have a ton! And was honest, and upfront with us - he's truly someone you can talk to, as it's not just a 'transaction' for him. Kyle and his team at Premier Homes Elite Realty are now part of 'our' team as we continue on our journey of real estate investing. We can't thank you enough Kyle - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


~ M. Pelton

Kyle & Chrystal at Premier Homes are the absolute best! They continue to breed positive results for their clients and are a joy to refer to.


~ J. Rubino

Kyle at Premier Homes is a great realtor to work with. He was very patient and compassionate. He helped us find our first investment property in a matter of a few months. I will definitely reach out to Premier Homes again when it comes time to look for our forever home and more investment properties.


~ J. Perez

As a first time home buyer, it was very challenging to find the right property for the right price. But thanks to Kyle from Premier Homes, he was able guided me with thoughtfulness and professionalism that was unmatched by anyone I've encountered. I was very impressed by his expertise and knowledge about Real Estate and learned a lot from him. Whether you are a first time home buyer like me or an investor with multiple of properties, I highly recommend going through Premier Homes. They will take good care of you for sure.


~ N.Dong

Amazing team. They helped me get a mortgage for my investment property. Very helpful every step of the way. It was my first investment property and they helped this newbie every step of the way. Thank you very much. I highly recommend them.


~ J.Martinez

Kyle Chadwick has been great in service in helping my wife and I with finding a house. He's very kind and caring. He goes above and beyond helping people in every way. He is a wonderful person and very understanding about people's needs. He's the best of the best with knowledge about real estate. I definitely recommend Premier Homes Elite Realty.


~ F.Ingleton

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